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Sisterpreneur®, Inc. provides several methods of corporate training to get your business on the track to success. We meet twice a year and bring in top successful women entrepreneurs and leaders from all over the nation to teach you about their lives and success. These conferences are very inspirational and educational. We also host regional, mentoring workshops.

Additional Teachings

If time doesn't allow you to travel, sign up for one of our Tele-Seminars. You'll be conferenced in to a call with several expert speakers. Participation is easy with you being conferenced in from the privacy of your own home or office. Our final teaching method is in the form of motivational CDs, tapes, and books. These training materials are perfect for self-motivators. Call today to join our organization.

Become a successful entrepreneur through empowerment and entrepreneurial training from business owners just like you. Contact our national headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana, for more information.